Syrian Group Claims Responsibility for Beirut Carbomb

Only an hour following the violent blast, a Syrian group which calls itself

"The brigade of Aisha, Mother of Believers," claimed responsibilty for the attack. The group's identity is ambiguous and could not be verified by our sources.

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Update #1

VIDEO: Islamist Group Claims Responsibility for Hezbollah Stronghold Blast in Beirut

In the video that surfaced on youtube following the blast (below), 3 masked men holding rifles appear in front of the camera. They claimed responsibility for the attack saying they belong to the external operations branch of The brigade of Aisha, Mother of Believers,". A group that seems to be newly formed without any trace of previous activity. We haven't been able to verify whether the members of the group are of Syrian nationality or they have connections with Lebanese Sunni factions.

A source told Al-Ayyam Shabab-Souria that,according to leaks, the blast happened due to a mistake committed by Hezbollah militants as the carbomb was intended to target a Lebanese opposition leader in Bierut. Nevertheless, the source proceeded to say that this info could not at all be verified and remains a rumor.

Fourteen people were killed and 212 were wounded, the Lebanese national news agency NNA reported.