Phone-line Cuts as Regime Attempts to Retake Liberated Deir Ezzour Neighborhoods

Following the major gains rebel fighters made last week in Deir Ezzour, regime forces embarked on an intensive mission Thrusday to regain control over the liberated neighborhoods. According to our sourcesو regime authorities have been given orders to destroy As-siyassah Bridge over Euphrates River which is considered to be the last reinforcement passage to the liberated zone, thus cutting a vital supply road for the rebels leaving them with only one way to deliver food and weapon using boats and ferries across the river.

Update #2

Air Strike Targets Strategic Bridge in Deir Ezzour

On Sunday, regime forces put the plan to destroy the strategic Deir Ezzour bridge of As-siyassieh into execution by conducting an air strike, the rockets however missed the body and landed on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river. The damage is estimated to be a minor one, according to an activist who spoke to Al-Ayyam Shabab-Souria, confirming that the bridge is still partly functional.

Update #1

Assad Gives Orders to Destroy Vital Bridge in Deir Ezzour

Regime shelling has been targeting the city of Deir Ezzour since early Thursday morning, according to a watchdog, the orders have been given by Assad to destroy As-Siyassieh Bridge near Hweika in an attempt to cut the last rebel supply route to the liberated areas. Phone-lines and internet services have been cut in the city and its countryside while pro-Assad troops continue to pound the villages of Attayaneh and Mrei'ieh using surface-to-surface missiles.

Video footage posted by activists appears to show the rockets fired by regime launchers targeting the village of Mrei'ieh adjacent to the military base.

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It is worth mentioning that Ajjoura and Qussour neighborhoods inside the city are still under regime held.

The substantial gains made by the rebels and the advancement towards liberating the entire city lead the regular forces to impose a a siege as a final measure to prevent any progress on rebels' part.

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